Prival AG - Private Value Investments


From 1991 to 2008 Prival AG held the majority shareholding of Schleuniger Holding AG, Thun, until the company was sold to Metall Zug AG, Zug, at the beginning of 2008 within the framework of a succession arrangement.

Recently, Prival AG has invested in companies that are established in the following fields:

Medical technology:
  • SpineWelding┬« BoneWelding┬«: a revolutionary, clinically-proven platform technology for the fixation of bones or bone with implants
  • DistalMotion , Surgical Robotics for minimal invasive laparoscopy, DistalMotion SA, Lausanne
  • 4D Lifetec, high-throughput molecular diagnostic test system for early detection and public screening of cancer , 4D Lifetec AG, Cham
  • Auris Medical Development of novel therapies for the treatment of inner ear disorders (acute inner ear tinnitus and hearing loss)
Highest-precision mechanics:

Three of these companies are spin-off's of Creaholic SA, Biel.

Some of these enterprises are already in the market, while others are in the building phase.